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Terms & Other Important Info:



2-Prong Approach: We work on your disputes and apply pressure for deletions & you receive updates to self-educate in the Learn, Prepare, Prevent Subscription


You'll receive the contract via email same-day. Please enter in personal info, IdentityIQ credentials and attach identification copies. 


Cancel at any time; however, avg. duration is 4-6 rounds. If you would like to cancel your disputes BUT continue receiving updates, simply send an email to and you will continue to be billed @ $139 per month without disputes


Cancelation for the subscription can be done via your Gumroad account or by notifying us. Cancelation for disputes can be done by sending an email to


Learn, Prepare, Prevent Subscription email updates and receipts will be coming from our partner's email However, ALL email communication must be sent to for disputes. 



No refunds once the first Learn, Prepare, Prevent Subscription email is sent with an update, as there are no refunds on digital products



No refunds on disputes once the 1st round is sent out.