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COVID-19 Offer: Pricing for up to 25 total items is just $139 setup & analysis + $139 per month


learn, prepare, prevent program

*Simply pay $139 p/month and get access to member's only content while we perform your credit sweep


We don't limit the # of items disputed each round. 50 items? No problem - we'll dispute them all


IdentityIQ Credit Monitoring is required for all clients. Copies of an ID, proof of Social Security Number and address are also required


Each dispute letter is written for you at the moment your file is processed. No pre-made credit bureau letters are used


Got inquiries? Not a problem. If you'd like them disputed, simply included them in the "count" of negative items


We will not dispute a foreclosure in-process or child support. Files with bankruptcy-only or all charged-off credit cards are also not recommended


You'll always be part of the team. Simply log in and view the actual disputes that were sent out for you! Progress has never been so easy to track


You're guaranteed to receive results or we'll give you 6 months for FREE. Yup, 6 months. 


Would you rather 1-3 years or just 6 months? 

I was in a deep financial hole and you guys helped me fix my credit

No matter what you're credit struggle is, Kristin WILL get the job done

She is legit, she is a BOSS, she really knows what's she doing

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You receive all copies of dispute letters, credit reports, CFPB/AG/BBB/FTC complaints and this is a sure-fire, paint-by-number system with full transparency

Advanced Course

We offer an advanced course for those wanting to take their credit repair career to the next level and become extremely successful. Lean everything there is to know about how to become a dispute pro today!

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