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We do everything for you! Whether you have collections, charge-offs, late payments, inquiries, public records, etc., we'll remove inaccuracies for you at a nominal cost. 




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You'll find the current live deal on this page. Get instant access to the tools you need to get virtually any item deleted!


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Learn how to dispute in this crash course that covers what to do when the bureaus aren't cooperating to how to use factual based disputes



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Signing up for a credit sweep is super easy and takes less than 3 minutes! Just a few clicks and you are on your way to financial freedom. 
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Step 2: sign up for IdentityIQ Credit Monitoring
Step 2: Payment
With the current promotion, you are able to access member's only content while we remove your negative items and do everything for you!
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Certified Credit Consultant

Let's get really really here: you're looking for a company that can DELIVER results and that's all you care about. This is the most important thing in your life and your credit is the door that will open to limitless  opportunities... But who do you trust? Who do you trust with the most sensitive data? Are you going to hand it all to a company that doesn't dispute everything at once, doesn't prove anything and drags you on for years on end?


You want a credit repair expert on your side that knows what belongs, what doesn't belong, what to dispute, what not to dispute, who to dispute it with, how to dispute it and when to dispute it. No blanket dispute are sent out to the credit bureaus or templates. All challenges are based on factual info on your credit report as you can see to the left. We know how to spot the illegal codes that are used and violations of the FCRA and FDCPA to remove inaccurate information. We even send a copy of the the credit report page sometimes to prove our point!


Negative items aren't meant to come off your credit report to begin with, so you you're already losing before you start. Improve your chances of success significantly by starting with an expert!

Click on the image to get a free consultation to give the burden of bad credit over to us. Find out how much we can save you over the other guys by getting this done quickly and permanently. If you're even 1/2 as successful as our other clients, your only issue will be that you didn't start with us sooner!
Free credit repair service consultation with an expert

Unlock Your Future

You aren't your credit score and your financial goals don't end with getting deletions! Virtually all clients who enter our program restore their lives and unlock their futures because the focus is on you and not just numbers. 


Obtain the DREAM: Debt Relief that's Easy, Affordable and Manageable!

This program is NOT the credit repair 101 program you normally find and can easily do yourself. 


Here's how it works:

You receive maximum deletions in the least amount of time at minimal cost

We help you establish long-term credit goals and implement short-term tricks to impact your scores

Whether you're looking for us to take the burden off your hands or to learn the most targeted, effective, legal way to remove negative items yourself, we're the experts and do the heavy lifting for you

Monthly payments, APRs, and fees decrease and you save thousands of dollars per year

Credit limits, loan amounts and income increase 

Apartment renters become home owners, or "live with parents/relatives" become apartment renters

You maximize creditworthiness, eliminate risk factors and enhance credit health in 1/2 the time of our competitors with our credit repair program

Your overall timeframe in the program is minimized by aggressively disputing all derogatory items each month instead of   max. of 3 with other companies

You save hundreds, (sometimes thousands!) over our competitors with easy, affordable payment options while using the most targeted, effective factual-dispute methods to obtain the fastest legal deletions of inaccurate data from your credit report

*Please call or schedule an appointment prior to sign-up so that we can understand your credit goals, expectations and objectives


Overwhelmed? Let us take over


Coaching by the hour with The Expert

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Stop treating yourself like you're just part of a # system. Get a customized plan today

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Check out your credit bureau, creditor and collection agency dispute letters each month. You'll see all negative items disputed each round
Login 24/7 to check out your deletions, what's being disputed and info on the entire process
Join live webinars, Q&A sessions and workshops. Gain expert knowledge on how to raise your credit scores fast 



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