Frequently asked questions


Can I get a free consultation?

Of course! Head to the pricing page and click on "Schedule Free Consultation" or click on the blue "Schedule Appointments" button at the bottom-right of the page. Consultations are 20 mins.

What services do you offer?

While we offer quite a few different services, they all center around making your financial life better through credit restoration. We offer everything from credit sweeps to credit consulting and coaching. Differences between the 3 are pretty big and what you're looking for can differ greatly from what another client seeks. That's why we offer a free consultation to find out how we can be of service. For example, a few clients called yesterday inquiring if we teach others to repair credit reports so that they can also run a successful credit repair company. After finding out just how much is involved, they realized that what they actually wanted was to be a broker and outsource our services. On the other hand, a few did wish to proceed and proposals were drawn up based upon the program we came up with and these services fall under "credit consulting". You can find a full list of services HERE

Can I see the work that's being done?

Absolutely! No matter what service or program you've sign up for, you can log into your private client portal 24/7 and view the documents we've processed for you. For credit sweep/credit repair clients, you'd find copies of the disputes, progress reports, credit reports and complaints. For credit consulting clients, you'd find the proposal and contract as well as the documents pertaining to your service which might include templates, PDFs, videos and more. For coaching clients, you'd find videos, tutorials, business plans and similar documentation.

Can you remove verifiable or accurate information from my credit report?

Unfortunately, no. The FCRA allows you to dispute inaccurate, incomplete, unverifiable or questionable items on your credit report. See a few examples below:

  • collection items that you don't recall such as a hospital stating you didn't pay them
  • a balance on an account that does not reflect the true balance
  • a late payment on March 2017 even though you know you were late in February but paid on time in March
  • a judgement that reports the court as "unknown" or that has a filing date that differs from the true filing date
  • a re-aged account (this is illegal)
  • 2 collection agencies reporting the same debt - this is called "double jeopardy"
  • an original creditor reporting a balance or past due or monthly payment even though there's a collection agency reporting the same debt
  • identity theft
  • any item that you don't recall
  • any item that find an inaccuracy with
An example of what you cannot remove would be:
  • a credit card that's hurting your score because of the balance but is 100% accurate
  • a bankruptcy that's not dismissed or discharged
  • a collection that belongs to you and is reporting accurately and has been legally verified
  • items that belong to you or that you authorized cannot be disputed as fraud/identity theft
Bottom line: Just because something is negatively impacting your credit report, it does not mean you can delete it from your file. The good news is that we're here to go over your credit report with you and give either advice or an estimated outcome. Click HERE for a free consulation

Credit Sweeps

Can public records be removed?

Yes! If tax liens are unpaid, they can remain on your credit report indefinitely! Removing them can be the difference between obtaining a mortgage and living with your parents. That's why it's so important to get with a credit repair company that knows what they're doing the first time! Bankruptcies are actually the most difficult to remove (NOT impossible though), out of all public records and can only be disputed if it is dismissed or discharged.

Are there items that cannot be deleted?

Yes. Foreclosures in process and child support. Child support can be corrected if there's proof that it's reporting inaccurately. Child support can be deleted if there's proof that it doesn't belong on the credit file.

What's the difference between "credit repair" and "credit sweep"?

Many clients have a misconception of what a credit sweep is, so this is a great question! Basic credit repair: Credit repair can be described as the act of repairing one's credit report via disputes to the credit bureaus and creditors. Most credit repair companies only dispute with the credit bureaus and can take anywhere between 12 months to 2 years (or more!). Most of the time, there are only 3-5 items per month disputed, which is why it take so long. Credit Sweep: A credit sweep is NOT an identity theft sweep and does not include a police report or reporting that items resulted from fraud. Identity theft sweeps are provided by us but only in the event that the client does have an official police report, an affidavit, supporting documentation as well as a believable explanation. In most circumstances, it's actually advised to take a different approach first due to the changes made in the credit bureau's investigations into these types of disputes. Credit sweeps utilize all techniques, methods and resources to permanently delete the negative items. This includes, but is not limited to: disputing all negative items every round, disputing with the credit bureaus, creditors and collection agencies, as well as making complaints with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, BBB and attorney general of the client's state. This is an extremely aggressive approach that achieves the most amount of permanent deletions in the least amount of time. Go to Credit Sweeps page

Can student loans be deleted?

I get this question alot. The answer is "yes", but I advise some caution: If your student loans are federally backed, they will most definitely get their money out of you. Any benefits you receive are not protected from federal student loans. That means they can take your taxes, retirement funds, veterans benefits, etc. Crazy, right? If I were to give you some advice on this, it would be to contact the company and arrange settlement to pay off the student loans so that you can prepare for your future without worrying about money disappearing from your bank account.

Can you delete just the late payments?

Yes. Late payments can be deleted from an account without having to remove the entire thing. If you were late on a credit card, but are still using it or wish to leave it there because of it's impact to your FICO, the late payments can be deleted to now report positively as "never late". On the other hand, the entire account can be deleted if this would increase your credit scores higher than leaving the account there due to the # of late payments. We will go over each account with you to determine the best course of action and can answer any questions you may have. Schedule free consultation

Is there a way to get everything off in 30 days?

My answer to this is no, but I will give a few examples of when this can happen: Mosts clients who come to us have a ton of items to remove or correct. That means it usually took them years to get their credit like that. All of our deletions are permanent which means that it takes work, really hard work, to get them off. You will want to put at least 6 months into fixing your financial life, because (once again) it took you a long time to get there. Some companies state they can clean you up in 30 days but think about that: there's only a few ways to remove negative items without having a bureau license, which means that you are either a) disputing online (not recommended ever), b) disputing via mail with the bureaus or c) disputing with the bureaus, creditors or collection agencies. Either way, they all take 30 days per investigation and 1 round of disputes will not take all items off. Something else you may not know is that there are companies out there using identity theft and not letting their clients know (because they don't prove what they do unlike us!), which puts their clients in jeopardy, only removes items temporarily, and is not legal. Something else you should think about is this: if you owe a company $15k, do you think they're going to forgive the debt or delete it from your credit report just because you send them a letter telling them they're in violation? Of course not! I definitely wouldn't! Exceptions: Some exceptions to this would be if the file only had 1-2 items to remove and they fall into the "1" category: 1: public records and medical collection, excluding bk's 10: charge-offs, late pays, forclosures Category 1 items can be deleted very quickly and sometimes can be deleted as soon as 5 days. Having said all of that, this is just a process. It's an aggressive, but time consuming process that can be overwhelming at times which is why we are here to help. Click HERE to schedule a free consultation


What's the usual sign up process?

There's no cookie-cutter pricing or program, beacuse all clients are different and so are their goals! We provide a free consultation to find out how we can assist and come up with a customized action plan to suit your specific needs. After we go over the goals and objectives to be met and come up with the program, pricing will be discussed and accepted. An option to sign up over the phone will be offered, or instructions to sign up at a later time.

What identification documents do you need from me?

Because we are doing this on your behalf, all clients must provide ID, proof of SSN and proof of address by the 4th day after sign up. 1 document from this list: SSN: social security card, paystub with full SSN listed, w-2, 1040 1 document from this list: proof of address: utility or other bill you pay at your home, w-2, paystub (does not need to have full SSN listed for proof of address), bank statement or insurance statement

What guarantee can you give me?

#1: You are guaranteed improvement on your credit report and/or score during the duration of the credit sweep. We do not take on client files we cannot assist. #2: You will receive copies of all work we perform on your behalf. This includes: dispute letters, complaints, certified mail for collections, progress reports, credit reports and complaints made on your behalf. #3: We will never share your informatioin with any unauthorized source, nor will we sell or market your information. #4: We will never outsource your credit file to another company to work on. All credit repair, credit consulting, credit advising and other programs we provide are in-house services, unless otherwise specified. An example of a program we do NOT provide in-house would be authorized user tradelines.

Do I sign a contract?

Yes! Unlike other companies, we provide a contract which specifically states what we will do while working on your credit file (what is normally performed on every single file), what we are promising to deliver and the required statements under the Fair Credit Repair Organizations Act. You will receive an email after sign up that will allow you to digitally sign the contract. You will be able to download a copy when completed.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Payments are only accepted via credit and debit using our credit repair merchant account. Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are all accepted.

When are first disputes sent out?

First disputes and services are completed and sent out in 9 business days. You will then receive copies of your disputes and your portal 3-5 days later.

Can you pull my credit report for me?

Credit repair companies cannot run credit reports. I am aware that there are some credit repair compamies doing this and I can only speculate that they have a relationship/partnership with a mortgage company or lender. Doing this is convenient for them to run the reports, but they're doing it illegally. There's only one exception to this. Section 604 of the FCRA states that the only purposes for pulling a credit report is for a firm offer of credit, employment, insurance or court order. Other than that, it's not allowed. Even if the credit repair company has their client sign an authorization form to pull, they might thing they're operating in a defensible gray area, but it just doesn't work like that! There's no room for interpretation - this just can't be done. The one exception: TransUnion has resellers of their credit reports and some companies offer this service to their clients. Remember, this is TransUnion-only and does not include the other two credit bureaus, so how does this really help you? We help our clients obtain their credit reports from sites such as:

How long does a credit sweep take?

Great question! All credit reports are different and so are the circumstances surrounding each account. Client A may have an account with Company A and get it removed within 30 days, but Client B may have an account with Company A and get it removed in 4 months, even though it's the same company! The point behind that is this: we can give an estimated timeframe, but we tell all clients that the program is an average of 6 months. It definitely took time to get your credit report to the point where you needed a restoration program, so it will take a small amount of time to fix it. Our average is 1/2 of other companys' minimums of 12 months! Crazy, right? It's because of the aggressive approach we take to get the maximum deletions in the least amount of time. Least amount of time: 5 days (the client in this example only had 3 tax liens to remove) Longest amount of time: 9 months (the client in this example was notified prior to signing up of an expected longer timeframe due to the number of negative items as well as the fact that they were new, unpaid charge-offs) If you're wondering if you're ever going to break out of the credit jail you're in, click HERE for a free consultation so we can bail you out!

What type of credit repair software do you use for disputes?

Drum roll.......we use our own software. All disputes are created to look as if they're coming from you, the consumer, not a credit repair company. This means no templates to the credit bureaus, no batch faxing or legal mumbo-jumbo. Why? Why would we want to spend ~2 hours per client file, per month instead of 5 minutes? Well, the answer is easy: Our clients are clients, not numbers. We don't mass-generate anything because that doesn't bring results. Most of the templates you can find online or that are generated by other companies are flagged and you'll receive a response in the mail from the bureaus that states they won't investigate any of the accounts now, or in the future, because you're working with a credit repair company. That's why it is so important to make sure that the disputes sent out for all clients look simple, without a ton of mumbo-jumbo and even to have some errors on there. Do it right the 1st time and click HERE to schedule a free consultation!