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Change Your Credit, Change Your Life

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Simplified for COVID-19

Program changes for the "new norm"

I created this page to provide immediate access to the info you need without the fluff. If you would like to learn more and get detailed info, click on any of the links in the navigation, such as the "home" button, which will take you to my regular home page. 

Changes you'll want to know about:

The bureaus have already stated that the process is moving slowly, but it's nothing that I wasn't prepared for, for my clients. It does not change anything that I do, other than make me fight even harder!

The bureaus now have 45 days for each investigation instead of 30. 


Kristin Vargas


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Getting Started

Schedule a Free Call

The first step is scheduling our free call together to see if I can take over your file for a credit sweep. (This is because I choose each client for the program; I can't help everyone unfortunately). Click the image to schedule OR click here. I do recommend learning more about how the program works by watching these videos


Kristin Vargas


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*NEW* Skip the Consultation

You may now self-qualify for the program

Normally, I speak with every single person prior to sign up. However, these are not normal times. I get a lot of scheduled calls from people that only watch one of my videos and therefore, don't really know who I am or what the program is about... so I created the self-qualify, no-call sign up form to cut down on the number of times that I have to say, "sorry I can't help you", so you can learn everything you need to know about the program, and can jump directly to the actual sign up/contract after submitting the form. Sounds great, right? 



Kristin Vargas


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COVID-19 Pricing

New program pricing

In an effort to help my community as much as possible, pricing has been discounted to: $139 setup/analysis + $139 per month (in other words, it is just $139 when you start!). *IdentityIQ Credit Monitoring is also required @ $21.99 per month. See the pricing page here for more details. Exceptions: If you have more than 30 negative items (# of items on Equifax + # on Experian + # on TransUnion = more than 30), you will need to schedule a call for pricing.


Kristin Vargas


Let me ask you this question: If you had to live this EXACT life over again and your credit - report and score - were EXACTLY the same, would you be okay with it? 
Same job, same living environment, same neighborhood, same work buddies, same confidence, same bank account balance...Same everything because of your credit. 
If the answer to that is "yes", then this credit sweep service is not for you. If you said "No!", then let's find out what's broken and fix it using this revolutionary method called, "Factual-Based Disputes". 
Do this: grab your free credit repair cheat sheet and then schedule a call with me (not some virtual assistant overseas), and let's find out how different, how much better your life will  be in less than a year!

Stay Up-to-date!

May 28, 2020

With millions consumers being in a hard spot because of COVID-19, I know we're going to see tons of new "credit repair companies" that sprout up all over the place. My advice to anyone that wants to start their own credit repair business is this: 

Do it because you want to help. Do it because you want to see your fellow man (or woman!) succeed. Do it because you're also trying to make your life better. Do it because you want to be part of someone growing. Credit sweeps are very  hard to do, they are labor-intensive, it is a frustrating process and sometimes, there's not a lot of appreciation and reward. You have to have tough skin and need to be able to deal with someone else's emotions. 

Bottom line: don't do this because you're looking to take advantage of someone just to make money. Do it because you genuinely want to help.   Watch the video here

June 4, 2020

I see a win for consumers floating in the air, coming towards us like far-off clouds. I read an article today about how the credit card companies are losing money because consumers are using more of their own money instead of their credit cards. This means that they are using their debit  cards and cash instead of making the credit card companies money. I think it was something like $100 billion or some crazy amount like that. But the point behind this is because the credit card companies only make money (outside of annual fees and whatnot), money on interest if you don't pay in full each month. So, if you're paying in full each month, they don't make money. If you're not using your credit cards, the lenders do not make money. Why am I saying that this is a win for us? Because they're been taking from us and closing our cards and cutting out limits and making it more difficult to get approved. They've been taking it all away from us like they think they're our parents and grounding our ability to move forward with our credit. The beautiful thing about this is that I've been saying that all of these thing were going to happen way before they did. I said it was going to get bad and that they would change the laws and they did. You think that the coronavirus changed everything? NO! They've been waiting for an excuse to do this to us and to cut the lifelines away like they don't know we've been hanging from this cliff and our grip is slipping. So yes, this is a win. Yes, this is a major victory!

Watch the video  here

June 7, 2020

Hey everyone, I've taken down purchase links to everything except for the Beginner's Guide and the Omni System in preparation for the coming launch of the Cheat Sheet Playbook as well as the Coach10X Platform. The coaching calls are still active as well.

This means that any link you click on on sales page (shouldn't but something may have slipped through!) won't work and should instead take you to my Revolution Store (digital store) at My gumroad store will still work but my goal is to only have up a certain number of products to purchase at once, as each are only valid for a certain period of time (during launch).

Each product I create is made to help you with your business or with your credit and I do so with love for my users. At this time, I believe that both of my current products are the best at getting where the majority of my subscribers are seeking to be. The Beginner's Guide is a great source of info for anyone who wants to learn to dispute and the Omni System is perfect for actually creating the disputes themselves.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask by commenting here!

If you would specifically like to request access to something or would like to see if I can create a custom order for you, you may use this form at to request access.

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