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Frequently asked questions

Generally, how long is the program?

The average timeframe for the program is 6 rounds, however, we will not dispute past 9 rounds under any circumstance. Each file is different; because of that, we provide an "average". 1. Remove negative items 2. Begin working on scores 3. Begin working on credit building

Can you work on my CPN?

Absolutely not. Please note that unless you are Beyonce, you shouldn't even have one.

How long does it take for you to send out my first disputes?

We start working on your file the same day you sign up. Disputes are sent out approximately 9 business days later, after working on your file for about 5 hours on average. You'll receive your courtesy dispute letters about 5 days later after building your client portal.

What can you remove?

Everything except for foreclosures in-process and child support. This includes: inquiries medical other collections apartments evictions judgements tax liens late payments charge-offs debt-buyer collections foreclosures repos bankruptcies student loans *and anything in between!

How does the program work?

1. Sign up 2. Credit sweep begins 3. Phase 1: negative item removal 4. Phase 2: credit score work 5. Phase 3: credit building work 6. Completion All negative items are disputed on each round All bureaus are disputed on each round No templates are used Complaints can also be made All copies of dispute letters provided on both programs

What is required?

2 things: 1. Credit monitoring with IdentityIQ for $21.99 per month with this discounted link 2. Identification: ID, SSN and proof of address copies *you would need to make sure that I can log in to the IdentityIQ credit monitoring each month.

How long do I have to stay in the program?

You're not contracted to stay in the program for any period of time, however, if you do not have 6-7 months to put into the program, please do not start. This program is faster than any other, provides all proof of services and we dispute all negative items each round on all 3 credit bureaus. If it were as simple as sending in a few dispute letters, then everyone would be doing this, there would be no debt collection industry and no credit repair companies. The key to doing this is pressure, persistence and perseverance.

What is the cost?

Pricing will be determined after speaking with you. I welcome you to schedule your free consultation below the FAQs