Simplified for COVID-19

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Kristin Vargas

Schedule a Free Call

Getting Started

The first step is scheduling our free call together to see if I can take over your file for a credit sweep. (This is because I choose each client for the program; I can't help everyone unfortunately). Click the image to schedule OR click here. I do recommend learning more about how the program works by watching these videos

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Kristin Vargas

You may now self-qualify for the program

*NEW* Skip the Consultation

Normally, I speak with every single person prior to sign up. However, these are not normal times. I get a lot of scheduled calls from people that only watch one of my videos and therefore, don't really know who I am or what the program is about... so I created the self-qualify, no-call sign up form to cut down on the number of times that I have to say, "sorry I can't help you", so you can learn everything you need to know about the program, and can jump directly to the actual sign up/contract after submitting the form. Sounds great, right? 


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Kristin Vargas

New program pricing

COVID-19 Pricing

In an effort to help my community as much as possible, pricing has been discounted to: $139 setup/analysis + $139 per month (in other words, it is just $139 when you start!). *IdentityIQ Credit Monitoring is also required @ $21.99 per month. See the pricing page here for more details

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Kristin Vargas

Program changes for the "new norm"

Simplified for COVID-19

I created this page to provide immediate access to the info you need without the fluff. If you would like to learn more and get detailed info, click on any of the links in the navigation, such as the "home" button, which will take you to my regular home page. 

Changes you'll want to know about:

The bureaus have already stated that the process is moving slowly, but it's nothing that I wasn't prepared for, for my clients. It does not change anything that I do, other than make me fight even harder!

The bureaus now have 45 days for each investigation instead of 30. 

Stay Up-to-date!

March 28, 2020

With millions consumers being in a hard spot because of COVID-19, I know we're going to see tons of new "credit repair companies" that sprout up all over the place. My advice to anyone that wants to start their own credit repair business is this: 

Do it because you want to help. Do it because you want to see your fellow man (or woman!) succeed. Do it because you're also trying to make your life better. Do it because you want to be part of someone growing. Credit sweeps are very  hard to do, they are labor-intensive, it is a frustrating process and sometimes, there's not a lot of appreciation and reward. You have to have tough skin and need to be able to deal with someone else's emotions. 

Bottom line: don't do this because you're looking to take advantage of someone just to make money. Do it because you genuinely want to help.   Watch the video here