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Credit Repair Service

Unlock Your Future
Unlock credit future

Unlock Your Future

You aren't your credit score and your financial goals don't end with getting deletions! Virtually all clients who enter our program restore their lives and unlock their futures because the focus is on you and not just numbers. We pride ourselves on transparency and all clients can access and download copies of their dispute letters. 


Obtain the DREAM: Debt Relief that's Easy, Affordable and Manageable!


This program is NOT the credit repair 101 you normally find and can easily do yourself. 


Here's how it works:

You receive maximum deletions in the least amount of time at minimal cost



We help you establish long-term credit goals and implement short-term tricks to impact your scores



Whether you're looking for us to take the burden off your hands or to learn the most targeted, effective, legal way to remove negative items yourself, we're the experts and do the heavy lifting for you



Monthly payments, APRs, and fees decrease and you save thousands of dollars per year



Credit limits, loan amounts, and income increase 



Apartment renters become homeowners, or "live with parents/relatives" become apartment renters



You maximize creditworthiness, eliminate risk factors and enhance credit health in 1/2 the time of our competitors with our credit repair program



You save hundreds, (sometimes thousands!) over our competitors with easy, affordable payment options while using the most targeted, effective factual-dispute methods to obtain the fastest legal deletions of inaccurate data from your credit report



Your overall timeframe in the program is minimized by aggressively disputing all derogatory items each month instead of   max. of 3 with other companies




*Please call or schedule an appointment prior to sign-up so that we can understand your credit goals, expectations, and objectives

private credit repair portal
Credit Sweeps

Credit Repair with an EXPERT

The first step is to schedule a free consultation with Kristin

Free Consultation

free credit repair consultation

Each client is different and so are their credit files. Because of that, we customize your action plan to suit your needs during your FREE consultation. 

Unlimited Disputes
unlimited credit repair disputes

Do we limit your potential like other companies? Absolutely not! We dispute ALL of your negative items every month and don't charge for extra negative items. 

Secure Client Portal
secure credit repair portal

What's more than just tracking your progress? Getting copies of all dispute letters, progress reports, credit reports and complaints made on your behalf! That's right: you receive a free portal where you'll be able to download all your docs!

Quick Access 2


Check your progress on your private portal 24/7

Make money

Learn to be a dispute pro with our step-by-step credit sweep course


Revolutionary practice: clients receive dispute letter copies


Dedicated 20-min consultation