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We ONLY​ accept debit/credit and you receive services as soon as you pay!

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95% SUCCESS RATE - That means we get the job done. Period. 

* Couple's discount also available

*Files are subject to analysis to determine actual number of negative items during full file analysis. Plans are subject to upgrade if items exceed included # of negatives. 

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PROOF OF SERVICES - 1 of ONLY 3 companies in the NATION offering all letters, certified mail and everything else we do for you.

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Initial Audit - $249

The IA is included in each program. This is partial expense to provide sweep as well as 6-10 hours included and must be paid to initiate services. 

Includes: portal set up, faxing, initiating disputes, regular postage, certified mail for collections (most important - proof they received mail, obligating them to acknowledge disputes ), inquiry disputes online/fax/mail, 5-8 hours per file included and all other file costs

* Copy of breakdown upon request

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