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Initial Audit Fee $249

​The IA is included in each program. This is the cost of the sweep and must be paid to initiate services. 

Includes: portal set up, faxing, initiating disputes, regular postage, certified mail & return receipt (most important - proof they received mail, obligating them to acknowledge disputes ), inquiry disputes online/fax/mail

* Copy of breakdown upon request

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Less than the cost of 1 coffee per day

Less than the cost of 1 coffee per day

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*Files are subject to analysis to determine actual number of negative items during full file analysis. Plans are subject to upgrade if items exceed included # of negatives. 

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Imagine your credit as an asset instead of a dirty little secret! In less than 60 seconds, you can be on your way to controlling your financial life instead of being a creature of circumstance!

Your 1st round of disputes are sent out within 96 hours! Yep, it's that fast. 

The Initial Audit takes only 4 days to complete and your next update will b 32-34 days later. 

All letters, certified mail and complaints made for you will be posted to your private portal by day 4. Simple process, maximum results. 

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$3.2 Million removed in the past 12 months