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Kristin has done more in three months than my previous credit repair "professionals" did in a whole year!! After only three months, my TU and EXP are completely free of ALL negatives and my EQ only has one collection and one judgment, both of which I expect to be removed in the next month or two. To paint you a picture, my TU score was 570 on Jan 1st. Today, April 16th, it is 744!!! I PROMISE you that there is nobody better than Kristin. Considering how critical your credit score is, getting it repaired is the single best investment you can make. Just do it!

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From a free file analysis to worry-free credit repair, we have you covered! Gone are the days of wondering if you will find the right company to entrust your credit issues, or if this company will work as hard to resolve the file as you would. 


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With so many features offered, the benefit of repairing your credit and changing your life will propel you into financial freedom. This is normally gained only by the top 25% in the country, but too can now achieve what millions of consumers cannot. We will sweep your credit, allow you to rest easy at night without worrisome thoughts of bad credit and put you on the right track with our personalized credit-management plans. 

 I knew there had to be someone out there who was actually real. Enter Kristin at Expert Credit Sweeps.Trans Union was clean. Experian was clean! I am telling you this because to find someone who is the honest truth is a very rare find. So I tell friends and family about her. If you are looking for the real deal, work with Kristen. Her services are worth FAR more than her price. Thank you Kristen!!! -Zach

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